How To Choose A Perfect Niche For Your Blogging Startup?

Guide For Selecting  A Profitable Nich For Your Blog

The key to building a profitable business is opting out an appropriate topic for your blog. A substantial thought is required in order to start a successful blog. Few things must be considered while starting a new a blog; what your blog is about, how you are adding uniqueness to that specific niche, and either that niche has a market value among the audience or not.

Some people have a clear idea regarding the niche they want to write on, while others have vague thought in their mind. If you are looking for the right niche for your blog, you are at the right place. Here you will find out some of the sound tips to find a productive niche.

For those who are unaware lets first understand the term “Niche” and its importance in the business.

What is a Niche? Why Is It Critical To Find a Right Niche For Your Blogging Startup?

A blog niche is a particular topic that is covered by a specific blog and is targeted towards a specific audience.

It is critical to find a right niche. If your focus is too broad, your visitors will not have an idea what is the purpose of your blog and whom you are targeting. So you might not be able to attract a specific audience. Moreover, if you have kept your niche too small you will not be able to generate revenue and gain followers.

Choose An Area Of Proficiency

First, you have to choose an area of expertise for yourself in which you are most proficient and you are capable of delivering sufficient knowledge to your audience. Note all the areas on a piece of paper and now you will be able to narrow down the topics that popup in your mind.

Market Research

Now the next step is performing a market research on those narrowed down topics. If you have enough knowledge about several topics performing a market research will enable you to finalize a specific niche that is the most profitable amongst all. you can even choose more than one topics for your blog if you think that they would be profitable enough to generate revenue.

Competitive Analysis

Performing a competitive research is the very important step in order to establish your blog. In this way, you will be able to find out how your compotators are generating revenue and which niches they are working on to attract a larger audience. Performing a competitive research is the easiest method that can be used to choose a niche based on its profitability.

Choose A Topic-Based On Long-Term Potential

While choosing a topic we should keep in mind that we have to choose a topic that has a long-term potential. The topic must be able to stay for a long time in the market by grabbing the interest of a wider audience. You should avoid choosing a topic that is particularly based on a specific event like “elections in the USA” that will remain the area of interest for a shorter time period among the general public. Instead, choose a niche that will be able to stay for a longer period of time. You can do this by looking for top trends and keywords using Google trends.

Identify Your Target Audience

The next step is the identification of your target audience, there would be a potential audience that you would want to focus on either its male or a female. You should keep in mind different parameters like their age, gender, profession, and their annual income. Now keep in mind those parameters you would want to target a specific problem that can be solved for them on your blog. How your blog will help them in achieving their goals.

Find Your Unique Spin

To create a unique angle on a topic you will have to merge some passions or interest into one niche. Despite various other blogs working in the field this mix and matching will add a unique value to your blog. Moreover, you should be passionate about the niche you are targeting your audience. that will enable you to research more about the topic and gain more knowledge that you would want to share with your target audience.  In this way, you can increase the number of visitors on your blog and hence will lead to profit generation.

Identify the Gaps

In order to grab the attention of the audience, you have to identify the gaps that are not being covered by your competitor. Your competitor might have a huge audience but that does not means that he has covered each and everything in that niche. You have to find out those gaps and cover those points in your blog that will enable you to grab the attention of those readers who are looking for that content. You have the flexibility to cover those important points that are being neglected by your competition in your blog startup.

Do You Have Content?

Readers usually look for fresh and unique content in a blog, you have to choose a niche that should not run out of content. Some bloggers chose such a topic for their blog that eventually lacks unique and interesting developments in that niche. So while choosing a topic you have to keep in mind that you should have enough content as an author that must fulfill the requirements of the blog for a longer period of time. Secondly, there are many other sources where you have to keep an eye on as an author. You have to look for latest news and developments in your field on some online sources such as Google News, Yahoo News, Blog Pulse etc.

Go for Trial and Error

If you are unclear about the industry that will be most profitable and able to generate revenue for your blog, you should go on trial and error basis. You will not be able to exactly identify the market and consumer’s behavior until or unless you jump in the market. So you have to experience the market in order to get the most benefit out of it. You will be able to identify the gaps after you jump in into the market and then you can develop a strategy to fill the gaps. Like many other tech giants who started with one thing in mind and then went for the other thing in mind and then went for the other one in order to fulfil the needs of the consumers. So your main focus should be to serve the needs of the clients and modify your blog to serve them in the best possible way in order to beat the competitors in the business/ niche you are in.

Look For Affiliates In Your Niche

As a blog owner, you have to look for any affiliate products or services that are available in the market. A plug-in can be used for that purpose, using that plug-in you have to check for a label names affiliates and partners on the website of that specific vendor. You have to look for it at the bottom of the page on that website as usually that is found at the bottom of the page. You should consider the fact that if your competitors are earning a lot in the field then there must be a profitable source of income out there for them. You just have to find the top competitors in your niche and explore their websites to find out how they are generating profit from their blog. Some bloggers also go for selling services and products on their blogs in that way they are able to grab the attention of their readers who regularly keep on visiting their blog for latest happenings in your niche. It’s a popular source of making your start-up a profitable business.

Look For Relevant Tools In Your Niche

There are many tools that are available to guide the authors in each and every possible way. You can perform a research on your niche, look for top ranking keywords and get blog post ideas from SEMrush. While you can use a Long Tail Pro to look for top keywords and popular search terms in your field. The results are based on the data that is yielded from Google search of the users in your niche. Another absolutely free tool Google Keyword planner can be used to perform an extensive keyword research. Google Trends is a  popular tool that is used by bloggers to look for trends in their niche, either the niche in gaining popularity with each passing day or it is in the decline phase. Keywords trends can also be observed using that tool. In that way, you will be able to make a decision either to switch your niche or stick to it for the next few months in order to be profitable in the field and compete with your competitors in the best possible way.

Look Out For Popular Forums

Another way to research your niche in more details is reading forums on your niche. It is a commonplace for interaction among the people related to that niche where they spend some quality time sharing their views and ideas while others may ask questions related to your niche. Interacting with others and reading those discussions might be helpful for the new authors as you are new to the field have these are those people who have spent some quality time in their niche. You might be thinking how you can find those forums? You just have to Google your niche along with the keyword “+ forum”. You will find a variety of forums in that niche where you can discuss your issues by creating a new thread and looking out for the topics that have already been discussed. Trust me you will be able to find unique and latest topics that are currently in demand.

Final Suggestions (Editor’s Recommendations)

In short, there are few things that must be kept in mind before starting a blog and choosing a topic or niche. You should be good at that niche and you are willing to learn that area, you should also be passionate about that niche otherwise soon you will be bored to write on that topic. Third most important thing is that there should be a market for that niche that will, in turn, generate revenue for you and your business.

Try to find your unique spin in that area that will eventually be able to grab the attention of the masses, who are looking for something different in that filed. You should be able to create 4 to 5 subcategories out of your current niche, that will keep a variety in your blog and also you will not be able to be short on ideas and thoughts to write on.

These are some points that must be kept in mind in order to find a perfect niche for your blog. Now it’s your task to understand the above-mentioned points and then think of the ideas that you are able to put on a paper based on those points. Finally, you will have to do a market research in order to narrow down your list. If you want to be a market winner in the niche you have to follow these footsteps that will never let you loose from your competitors in any way. You are not only writing some stuff and sharing it with the audience, you are educating yourself before sharing it with others. You should develop a sense of understanding for that topic in order to be successful than many others who are new in the blogging just like you.

Comment down below if you are able to find your niche and how do you think it will be perfect for your blogging startup. I bet most of you will be able to share some good ideas with each other after performing a proper brainstorming session.

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