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Writing an article at WEB ARRIVO is not only a great way to get exposure, but it is a great way to give back to the community. A new user stumbles upon WEB ARRIVO for help and articles every day, and we help them out to have a successful and pleasant experience. By writing an article for us, you are indeed helping the community learners.

Types of articles you can write for us

  • Guides to become a Successful Blogger
  • Tutorials related Internet Marketing
  • Guides for WEB 2.0 platforms (WordPress, Joomla etc)
  • SEO, SEM, PPC, CPA related topics
  • Themes, Plugins, reviews, and tutorials
  • Various online courses

While above are just examples of articles we accept, don’t limit yourself to them. WEB ARRIVO accepts any and all tips related to the Internet Marketing. We also allow products, plugin & themes promotion within limited boundaries. You must have a quality product in order to get a free review article here at WEB ARRIVO.

Writing Guidelines

WEB ARRIVO does not tolerate spam every article will be check by editors for quality. Please provide us with an original article. If you use another reference site please be sure to mention it in the resources section of your post. You must attach some images describe your article. Please make sure any image that you use is either Free Stock Photo, if not then give credit to the author in the resources section of your post.

If you are promoting your own product, avoid using promotional language. Try to write an unbiased version of the article that shows all part of the product. Be sure to include, screenshots, videos, and any other media to facilitate the post. And lastly, explain why it is useful to our audience.

The article you send us, must not be published on any other website using the exact same words and pictures. We understand when you are promoting a product it becomes hard to write distinguished content, but if you want a free review of your product and promotion for yourself, you should have to be creative.


We value all of our contributors, and we reward them with a link back to their sites and products at the end of the article they wrote for us. They will also be mentioned in our EDITORS AND CONTRIBUTORS page.

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